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All sessions have the same format and content, adjusted by the coach to the age group:

- Welcome and Personal Responsibilty
Players are to bring a water bottle, shin pads, and jersey.
The coach welcomes the players and the players greet each other with high fives

- Dynamic Warm-Up 
The basic Kingston Warm-Up which all AA players are familiar with.
Always includes Pass and Move with whatever conditions (two-touch, do a trick, eyes on the ball, etc...) you impose.
Most of the warm-up comes from a warm-up and injury prevention program designed by FIFA (soccer's world governing body):
FIFA 11 Training

- Ball Mastery 
Season long agility and ball control exercise:  THE LAPPINHO!

- Game
Continue the formats we have been using!

- Cooldown
A complete quick cooldown which our players are familiar with: files/cool_down.doc




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