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First Game!


Run Heather Run

The new KingstonSC Senior Women played their first game!

We got thru our first game with no injuries.  Several ladies have now played their first game ever.  Some have played their first game in years.  It was a very good start. 

In the game, we became more used to each other as the game progressed, Krista forcing good saves from their Keeper in the late going.  We discovered our back-up Keeper, Makaila!  Several players got a taste for where they actually might like to play.  We saw some very good team work from Claire and Rachael in particular, they almost looked related.

Brianne liked our group and has registered. (We are at 25 or close to it!) 
Jill and Raine got some big girl experience.

Check out the photo gallery from the morning, useful in proving to disbelieving friends that you do actually play and have fun doing it.

Check out the basic guide to Positions.  This is in the menu on the Senior Women's page.

At Wednesday's practice we will be looking at some set pieces: kick-offs, corner kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins.  It all adds up to team work.  Drink lots of water, and get some rest!

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